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Wildlife on the Harpeth River


The Harpeth River is among a group of freshwater rivers in the Southeastern United States that contain a greater variety of aquatic life than almost anywhere else in the world. Aquatic life in the Harpeth ranges from great blue herons and river otters to aquatic insects and microscopic zooplankton. Included in this diverse array of wildlife are several threatened and endangered fish and mollusks species. The staff at Harpeth Conservancy work tirelessly to protect these myriad species through science-based education, restoration, and advocacy.

The diverse wildlife of the Harpeth can be seen from any streambank, but the best way to view wildlife is while on the river, whether in canoe, kayak, or floating on a tube. The next time you’re out on the river, impress your friends and family by being able to identify some of the amazing wildlife you come across. Click on the links below to learn more about these fascinating aquatic and terrestrial critters that call the Harpeth River home!


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