Watershed Facts / Watershed Signs

You Are Entering the Harpeth River Watershed

Picture of the "Entering Harpeth River Watershed" SignYou've probably seen these signs along the roadways and wondered how and by whom they were placed.  The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and the Tennessee Department of Transportation have partnered to locate unique Watershed Signs along interstate and state highway routes. These signs increase public awareness about the importance of watersheds and encourage good stewardship of the state’s valuable rivers, streams, wetlands, lakes and ground water.

There are 55 recognized watershed in Tennessee.  A watershed is the entire area of land that drains into a lake, river or other body of water.   How we manage our lands has a direct impact on the quality of our waters and the ability of those waters to support uses such as recreation, aquatic habitat and drinking water supplies. 

See a map of all 55 Tennessee watersheds.