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Report the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly on the Harpeth River using the Water Reporter!

Join a growing community working to

Capture, Share, and Restore our local waterways.


What is the Water Reporter?

A mobile app and a website that uses geolocation services to help people like you and me report what is happening in our watershed and on the river! These reports create an interactive mapping platform and build a living record of experiences and conditions on the world's waterways. The Water Reporter also allows environmental groups, like Harpeth Conservancy, to track issues and results in the places that we care about most. 


Why do we need YOU to use it? 

To help Harpeth Conservancy identify pollution hot spots, mobilize volunteers, and capture the beauty of the Harpeth River!


What Can You Use it to Do?

Water Reporter is an open, social, and interactive source which allows you to share your local observations with others, view what others are posting, comment on posts and issues, and create connections. Every time you use Water Reporter, you're interacting with your whole watershed. Users can use the information on Water Reporter to organize stream cleanups, propel citizen science campaigns, and lead restoration efforts in their watersheds.

  • #HarpethRiver               Share beautiful pictures of the Harpeth
  • #Don'tBeCrappie           Help us locate trashy areas 
  • #BeRiverResponsible    Show us responsible river recreation
  • #HarpethHAB                Report harmful algae blooms
  • #Harpetherosion           Identify possible erosion locations


Check out Harpeth River Watershed's Water Reporter Map

Learn How to Get Started: 

Visit or download the Water Reporter app on your android or iPhone.


Be a citizen scientist and an environmental advocate for the Harpeth River.