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The Need for Stakeholder-led TMDL

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) is currently in the process of developing a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for the Harpeth River. A TMDL is a pollution reduction study and plan that puts a waterbody on the path to restoration. In the case of the Harpeth River, TDEC is engaging stakeholders to help develop limits for phosphorus pollution. CLICK HERE to learn more about the development of a Harpeth River TMDL, the Harpeth Conservancy's concerns and recommendations, and how you can participate in the process.

This page lists resources that provide deeper context for understanding and designing TMDLs in general and stakeholder-led TMDLs in particular. 


EPA webpage providing an overview of TMDLs available HERE

The Water Environment Federation report, "Third Party TMDL Development Toolkit," 2007, available HERE (report covers difference between traditional and stakeholder-led TMDLs, and describes several case studies from around the US)

GAO report, "Clean Water Act: Changes Needed If Key EPA Program Is to Help Fulfill the Nation's Water Quality Goals," December 2013, available HERE


TDEC webpage for the Harpeth River Watershed TMDL Development available HERE

Harpeth River TMDL Powerpoint presentation: 

Mike Corn, "Recommendations for the 2018 Waste Assimilative Capacity Study of the Harpeth River for Establishing Defensible Wasteload Allocations (WLAs)," available HERE (report includes recommendations from Mike Corn, President of environmental engineering and consulting firm AquAeTer, for the development of a successful Harpeth River TMDL)

Franklin Sewage Treatment Plant discharge permit available HERE (relevant because of Franklin's significant contribution to the Harpeth River's phosphorus impairment)


Lake Sarah, TMDL Work Plan available HERE

Lake Pepin, MN TMDL Stakeholder Process Policy Framework available HERE

Chesapeake Bay, MD TMDL Reasonable Assurance and Accountability Framework available HERE

Memorandum of Agreement re: Klamath River/Lost River,  TMDL Implementation available HERE

Ballona Creek and LA River, CA Stakeholder-Led TMDLs available HERE

Calleguas Creek, CA TMDL documents available HERE

Upper Little Miami River, OH TMDLs available HERE

Floyd's Fork, KY TMDL available HERE; slideshow on development of Floyd's Fork TMDL available here

Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) for Wisconsin River, WI TMDL available here

QAPP for Poplar River, MN TMDL available here

QAPP for St. Louis River (MN & WI) TMDL available here