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Rain Gardens and Barrels

A rain garden is a shallow pond area with soil, native plants and mulch that captures rainwater before it enters the nearest stormdrain or creek.

Rain garden plants will soak up water and the garden will slow the water down and give it a chance to soak into the ground where it will recharge vital groundwater. You can have a large one, several smaller ones, or even just one small one. Anything you can do to help rainwater infiltrate on your site will help the Harpeth River and its over 1000 miles of streams, or whichever watershed you live in!

By installing a Rain Garden on your own property, you can be a part of the solution! Capture your rainwater and help it soak into the ground and you will be helping prevent flash floods and polluted runoff from going into the nearest river or stream.

These days, with so many roads, parking lots and rooftops, a lot of water never soaks into the ground; instead it drains immediately to the nearest stormdrain which carries it quickly and efficiently to the nearest stream or river. Increased runoff causes more flash flooding. Also, each rain event washes pollutants into our rivers and streams: chemicals from car leaks like oil, grease and antifreeze, excess fertilizers, sediments and other “nonpoint” sources of pollution. By decreasing the amount of rain rushing into our stormwater system at one time, we can reduce flooding and the amount of pollutants that end up in the river.

Rain Garden Resources

Basic information is provided on the design and use of rain gardens. This site is a partnership stormwater education project between West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC) and the City of Grand Rapids Environmental Protective Services.

Stormwater Center
A comprehensive document entitled "Stormwater Management Fact Sheet: Bioretention" provides detailed information on bioretention practices including applicability, design considerations and benefit/cost analysis.

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