Programs / Lowhead Dam Removal Project in Franklin

Lowhead Dam Removal Project Complete. The access point to the river is now open to the public!



The Eastern Flank Canoe Access was a part of the Harpeth River Restoration Project that included the removal of the lowhead dam during the summer of 2012.  

Construction on the timber stair river access began on Friday, October 18th, 2013. TDEC, TSRA, and HRWA worked together to plan the project. Over 50 volunteers, including groups from Bell Construction, Franklin Firefighters and Franklin Parks Department, with support from LP Products, Vulcan Materials and Franklin Kubota, made the installation of the new river access possible.











Please follow these rules while at the site:

  • Watch your step!  Please remember that this is still an ACTIVE river restoration project/natural area!  There are many small trees and shrubs growing, and wooden stakes in the ground that are holding the erosion control matting in place.  (Over time, the erosion control matting and wooden stakes will decompose).  Please try not to step on the vegetation and we recommend not running to avoid tripping.
  • Orange = Closed  When the water level is too high, or for any other reason, the City of Franklin will put orange cones up, meaning the site is temporarily closed because it is not safe to access the area.
  • Load/Unload Promptly  The load/unload area that will be closest to the river on the paved parking lot hasn't been marked yet.  Out of courtesy to others, please only park temporarily in the paved area closest to the river if you are loading/unloading.
  • Safety First!  Last but not least, please be safe!  The river banks are no longer steep, making it much easier to walk down to the river.  Again, we recommend not running around the site.  Please follow the many safety tips for being in and around water.  You can visit TSRA's webpage for some paddling safety information, or TWRA's Canoeing and Paddling Sports Laws.