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River Fishing 

Deciding which lures to bring with you to the river can be frustrating at times and can lead to packing every lure you own! Here is a great link to 10 lures that work well for any river or stream fishing. 

Go To lures For River Fishing

Fishing a tube is an effective lure for catching river smallmouth. However color selection can be the deciding factor between success and getting skunked. 

Basic rules for color selection


Catch of The Week!

 Freddy with a nice Smallmouth Bass caught near Old Hillsboro Road.

Wall of Fame

Send us your fish pictures from the Harpeth and make it on our wall of fame!

    Blake Sage/Smallmouth    Marina Metes    Murphy Copeland

           Blake Sage                           Marina Metes                      Murphy Copeland
      10'' Smallmouth                   27'' Longnose Gar                    74lb Catfish

           Carol Provost                                   Brandon                          Blake Sage
         2lb Smallmouth                           Largemouth Bass                Smallmouth Bass