Programs / Public Access Points

Access Points on the Harpeth River

  • Pinkerton Park
  • Franklin Williamson County Recreation Center
  • Franklin Highway 100 near Old Hickory Boulevard
  • Nashville McCrory Lane off I-40
  • Harpeth River State Park, Hidden Lake Kingston Springs Park
  • Kingston Springs Highway 70 at Cedar Hill Road
  • Kingston Springs Gossett Tract, Cedar Hill Road
  • Kingston Springs (HR State Park) Narrows of the Harpeth
  • White Bluff (HR State Park)




Lower Harpeth River Access Points:

See the current 2015 map on the Harpeth River State Park web site.  This shows all of the access points downriver from highway 100 through the Narrows of the Harpeth.   Thanks to a statewide partnership for Blueways around Tennessee the  Harpeth River Blueway is nearly complete and extends along most all of the entire river through 3 counties.

For current map of the river accesses in the information on the Harpeth River State Park, visit the Tennessee State Parks website: 

Upper Harpeth River Access Points:

See the current, 2014, city of Franklin river access map that shows river access points upstream of Franklin to northern Williamson County.  

Full Watershed Map with Current and Proposed Access Points-- this includes several in Northern Williamson County


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Fortunately, another great feature of these trips is that they are right outside our back door!  "It is to be hoped that more of us will become aware of these treasures, more of us will be willing to protect them.”  –Patty Shultz, author of Paddling Around Nashville.

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