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August 17, 2016 -- Federal Judge Approves Court-Enforceable Settlement of Harpeth Conservancy Lawsuit -- Click here for Harpeth Conservancy's press release and here for press coverage of the story

May 10, 2016:  Harpeth Conservancy and City of Franklin reach agreement on Clean Water Act federal lawsuit Harpeth Conservancy filed regarding noncompliance with state sewage treatment plant permit.

November 4, 2015- Federal Judge Dismisses City of Franklin's legal tactics against Harpeth Conservancy:  free speech legal expert, Paul Levy, an attorney at Public Citizen, in Washington, DC, interviewed by Tennessean says "What they want to do is beat the (watershed association) into the ground.... I would say it is a form of bullying."

click here for recent press and Tennessean column on importance of Harpeth Conservancy advocacy. 

The Harpeth Has Been Listed by American Rivers as One of America's Most Endangered Rivers of 2015.
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The City of Franklin is planning to spend $100,000,000 on sewer and drinking water.

Their plans must improve the health of the Harpeth River!

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We have created the following materials to help keep the community informed about the decisions being made that affect our river's water quality.

Clean Water Act Lawsuit:

   Why Sue Franklin?

   Settlements with Smaller Sewer Plants

   What Are the Claims in the Lawsuit?

Water Quality Impairment:

  What's the Water Quality Near You?:  The 303(d) List and Interactive Mapping Online


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