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Hazardous Chemicals Still Flowing into Liberty Creek in Downtown Franklin over 8 Years Later

Tell TDEC to Reject Egyptian Lacquer Manufacturing Company (ELMCO) proposal to not clean-up the contaminated groundwater that is still on their site and flowing under people's homes and into Liberty Creek.

Your voice is important to TDEC!  Send in your comments by Monday January 11 to 

Simply click on the email address to use the prepared statement or edit it.  For details on the issues with the proposed Corrective Action PLan, see below.

Key point:

HRWA recent sampling at the main seeps of groundwater into Liberty Creek found concentrations of the main hazardous chemical, toluene, at levels that have been found for the last 8 years.  These are well above EPA risk limits to protect public health and the environment.  This data dramatically undermines ELMCO's main argument that the contamination is dissipating to low levels.   

click below to download HRWA's official comments.


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Chemicals from Egyptian Lacquer Contaminate Groundwater in Downtown Franklin

After only ONE year of groundwater contamination treatment, the company stops.  

Review of monitoring reports on the TDEC web site indicate that concentrations of contaminants increased after the treatment was stopped.  The reports show that there continues to be contamination into Liberty Creek. 

DETAILS: Updated Report on continuing contamination - November 2013

Tennessean cover story April 2014.


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Hazardous Chemical Contamination in Liberty creek and Harpeth in Downtown Franklin from Egyptian Lacquer -2008

On June 23rd, 2008 Egyptian Lacquer (ELMCO) submitted another inadequate plan for a clean up of their hazardous contamination of the Harpeth and Liberty Creek to the Tennessee Dept. of Environment and Conservation (TDEC). The revised Corrective Action Plan (CAP) failed in several key issues: 

  • to define where the pollution lay underground
  • to provide an adequate action plan for stopping the ongoing flow of toxic chemicals into waters of the state
  • to produce an active clean up plan for all of the contaminated soil and ground water they created

The spill contained several contaminants including toluene, acetone and benzene, a known carcinogen. The pollution continued and Egyptian Lacquer continued doing business daily with no fines or other penalties over a year after the state issued a consent order for ELMCO to create a clean up plan. An active clean up would remove chemical contamination as required by EPA guidelines.

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