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Don't Be Crappie! 

On the Harpeth River, there is an urgent need to encourage responsible water-based recreation that includes trash pickup, respect for private property, safety, and stewardship. Last summer, the Harpeth River State Park had over 500,000 visitors, many of whom were unfamiliar with river etiquette, safety, and stewardship. This most heavily used section of the State Scenic Harpeth River has created many problems including large amounts of trash.  We want to encourage river users to take their trash with them because the infrastructure and personnel to deal with this amount of trash is not available.



Here are a few guidelines to help you be river responsible:

1. Trash:

  •     Bring a bag or other container to collect and take your trash home with you!

  •     Don’t “sink” your cans/litter

  •     Use refillable water bottles, therefore reducing plastic waste and trash

2. Respect private property and trespassing laws

3. Know your route and prepare for all weather conditions

4. Follow all TN boating/paddling safety rules

5. Be respectful to other river users (share the river)





Find outfitter information, trip advice and water levels before starting your trip down the Harpeth. For more paddling and safety tips, visit TSRA's safety links or TWRA's paddlesports safety.




Resources about littering:

End Littering, Keep America Beautiful