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The New Year is here which means gratitude and planning is on our mind. As we reflect on 2019, we are SO thankful for the supporters of the Harpeth Conservancy.

We realize that the gifts that we truly treasure are things that can’t be bought in a store.  We cherish our families, our friends, the great outdoors, clean water to drink, a healthy environment, streams in which our families, wildlife and animals can thrive, and all of this to be around for the generations to come.  We also begin to make resolutions to be kinder and make a difference.  So the quote, “Do unto those downstream as you would have those upstream do unto you,” is very appropriate!

Our vision is clean water and healthy ecosystems for the Rivers of Tennessee championed by the people who live hereThis means YOU!  
Please, support our mission with a donation that is as transformative as assuring clean water for generations to come.

We are the river, United we are the solution.

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Suggested Giving Levels:

  • $30 New Supporter
  • $60 Individual
  • $120 Family
  • $250 River Defender Society
  • Harpeth Protection Society begins at $1,000

Monthly payment options available too! 

We can receive gifts of stock as well!  Simply tell your account manager to transfer stock from your account to ours.

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