With cooler weather, it's time to get that yard in order!

Science-based conservation for the rivers of Tennessee.
With cooler weather, it's time to get
that yard in order!
But first, test your soil!
Never blind fertilize. Get your soil tested for only $15 by UT Institute of Agriculture. A soil test can not only tell you how to amend your soil for a more healthy and productive lawn and garden, but which species are appropriate to plant. You will also save money by knowing what correct nutrients your yard requires.

Provide a Backyard Habitat!
Reverse human impact by creating new habitats. Create wildlife habitats in your yard and become certified with the National Wildlife Federation. You might not know it, but your backyard may already have most the necessary elements:
  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Cover
  4. Places to raise young
  5. Sustainable practices
Sit back, enjoy your wildlife habitat! Upload your plant and wildlife photos to
Choose Native Trees!
Tree planting season is here! The best time to plant trees is from now until early spring.
It is so important to choose native trees when planting.
Check out these great
resources before you buy your new trees:
Winterize Your Garden
Grab a Harpeth Conservancy Water Bottle
Add a new addition for your hikes this fall and save some plastic from going into landfills. The double insulted design keeps drinks hot or cold for 12 hours!
Order online here or e-mail to pick up from our office and save shipping cost!
Take care of your rain barrel:
  • Drain all of the water out of the rain barrel
  • Detach it from the gutter
  • Remove any spigots or hose attachments
  • Rinse the rain barrel out with water and bleach to remove any debris or algae built up
Tidy up the garden by removing spent stalks and other plant debris that might become a winter incubator for pests and diseases. 
Remove invasivesFall is the ideal time to remove these varieties, as they remain green long after the native plants.
Spread mulch
Protect young trees
Nashville's Newest Mural - Rivive! Nashville
Check out the mural located at 5th and Commerce St. sponsored by Rivive! Nashville and the Nashville Walls Project. The mural celebrates waterways and clean water! Join the movement!
Rivive! Nashville is an initiative of the Nashville Waterways Consortium.
We are the river. United we are the solution.SM
Science-based conservation for the rivers of Tennessee.