Visit Nashville's Newest Mural in 12 South!

Science-based conservation for the rivers of Tennessee.
Second Waterways Mural is Finished!
Rivive! Nashville Commissions Second Local Mural to Encourage Stream Stewardship Amidst Rapid Growth
WHAT: A Waterways-Inspired Mural is complete!
WHO: The Nashville Waterways Consortium (a group of 5 conservation organizations) has commissioned a second mural under a campaign called Rivive! Nashville. Nashville Walls Project (partner) connected Rivive! with wall (Village Realty) and artist Mobe Oner.  
WHY: Nashville is experiencing many “growing pains” as it takes its place on the map and water quality/flooding issues is one of them. 51% of waterways in Davidson County, that have been tested, are considered impaired by the state. Many of these impairments are the result of rapid growth and development in Nashville and the collective actions of a lot of people. Loss of green space and increase in pavement and buildings causes more runoff that carries pollutants to nearby streams and increases flooding. Rivive! Nashville asks Nashvillians to do their part now to protect water quality and reduce flooding. The mural, the second commissioned by Rivive! Nashville, is part of a campaign to raise Nashvillians' awareness about their local water. 
WHERE: 2814 12th Ave South, Nashville TN 37204 (across from Burger Up)
Here is a sneak peak of the mural, but you'll want to see it for yourself...
For more information and images of the mural, click HERE.
For information about Rivive! Nashville, click HERE.
Harpeth Conservancy is a proud member of the Nashville Waterways Consortium.