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One of the fastest growing areas in the country needs a regional sewer and drinking water plan.

  • For over a decade, studies by the EPA, TDEC, HRWA and others have recorded oxygen levels in much of the Harpeth River in the summer that do NOT meet state water quality standards set to protect public health and wildlife.
  • While stormwater runoff from urban and agricultural areas contribute pollution in the river, during the summer the dominant impact on the river are sewer plant discharges.
  • Three sewage treatment plants (STP) discharge treated effluent into the Harpeth River: The City of Franklin, Berry’s Chapel Utility, Inc. (now Harpeth Wastewater Cooperative), and Cartwright Creek, LLC.


December 2009 - HRWA comments to TDEC on the revised permits:  

August 2010 - additional comments for the public hearing

January 2014 - 60 Day Notice of Intent to Sue Berry's Chapel Utility, Inc. 

January 2014 - 60 Day Notice of Intent to Sue Cartwright Creek, LLC

January 2014 - 60 Day Notice of Intent to Sue City of Franklin, TN

January 2014 - Harpeth River Watershed Association and Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC) Press Release Concerning the 60 Day Notices of   Intent to Sue Sent to Berry's Chapel, Inc., Cartwright Creek, LLC, and the CIty of Franklin, TN.