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Drinking Water


The Harpeth River has been a source of drinking water for Franklin. As the region's population increases, there is added demand for drinking water.  Franklin gets much of its drinking water from Harpeth Valley Utilities District which pulls water from the much-larger Cumberland River. The City connected to HVUD in the early 1980s.  Since 2006, HRWA has been involved with the City of Franklin and other parties, including funding engineering and economic analyses to ensure that drinking water withdrawal is done in a way  that does not degrade the Harpeth RIver.


2006 - Dam stops all flow on Harpeth

2006 - Water supply Economic Analysis

2007 - Action Alert for Water Issue

2007 - HRWA Aquaeter Presentation to City of Franklin

2007 - HRWA Aquaeter River Flow Requirements for Sewage Study

2007 - HRWA TDEC Hearing Presentation

2007 - HVUD Letter to Paul Davis March 2007

2007 - PEER and TCWN Comments on Hearing

2007 - Rebuttal to city consultants on Economic Analysis

2007 - USFWS letter to TDEC Hearing Comments

2007 - WWF Letter to TDEC Hearing Comments


2007 - TDEC Cover Letter to ARAP Permit

2007 - TDEC Notice of Determination

2007 - ARAP Permit for City of Franklin


2012 - HRWA comments to TDEC on draft permit

2013 - TDEC 2013 ARAP permit:

2013 - HRWA permit appeal on 2013 ARAP permit

2014 - HRWA compilation of City of Franklin drinking water and river water withdrawals for the last 6 years

2014 - TDEC Public Notice for ARAP 12.195