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Save TN Water

Tennessee's Clean Water Rules are under threat! Proposed changes would undermine critical protections for rivers and streams, making it easier to pave over our natural heritage and harder for the public to have a say. 

Send your comments to the Tennessee Board of Water Quality, Oil & Gas (the Water Board). Tell the Water Board and your legislators to SAY NO on revising the rules to make it easier for polluters to destroy our rivers and streams and harder for the public to participate in environmental decision-making. 

(Scroll down to read a message you can send now.  Please include a sentence on how important clean water is to you.  Then add your name and the message will be sent automatically for you.)

On October 16, the Water Board will meet and consider proposed revisions to Tennessee's Clean Water Rules. The new rules would be so detrimental to Tennessee's natural heritage that the US EPA has warned that in many cases, they don't even meet the minimum requirements of federal law. Click here to learn more about the specific problems with the revised rules.

Tell your regulators and legislators to reject the proposed changes to the Clean Water Rule that would undermine key protections for our rivers and streams. The Water Board needs to hear from you before their next meeting on October 16!

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Subject: Reject proposed rule changes that undermine clean water protections


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