Tennessee House of Representatives Honors Harpeth Conservancy

Tennessee House of Representatives Honors Harpeth Conservancy



WHEREAS, it is fitting that we specially recognize those estimable organizations that are dedicated to improving the quality of life of the people of Tennessee; and

WHEREAS, one such organization is the Harpeth Conservancy, a science-based, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to clean water and healthy ecosystems for rivers in the State; and

WHEREAS, founded in 1999 as the Harpeth River Watershed Association, the Harpeth Conservancy has worked for two decades to monitor, restore, and protect the State Scenic Harpeth River and its tributaries; and

WHEREAS, this exemplary organization's membership has expertise in a range of disciplines, including water quality science, environmental and conservation law and policy, sustainable land use planning, agricultural best management practices, and volunteer and community engagement; and

WHEREAS, members of the Harpeth Conservancy have used their expertise, applied science, and relationships with landowners, businesses, residents, and policymakers to engage in land development decisions, promote smart growth and agricultural management practices, design stream restoration plans, assess sewer and drinking water challenges, conduct river studies, ensure the removal of pollution threats, promote recreation and public education, and serve as a catalyst for effective conservation policies across the State; and

WHEREAS, the Harpeth Conservancy is ably led by President and Chief Executive Officer Dorene Bolze and Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Jim Redwine; staff members include Haylee Hall, Ryan Jackwood, Mercedes Baker, Samantha Estes, Haley Tucker, Meriweather Bean, and Candy Ayala; and

WHEREAS, the conservancy benefits from the wisdom and counsel of its Board of Directors, John M. Dab, chair, Christian Currey, John R. Mattox II, Ph.D., Jared King, Lisa Hooker Campbell, Courtney Laginess, Wayne Edwards, Kimberly K. Sharp, Jonathan Fisher, John C. Priest, W. Stacy Vereen, Richard Chotard; and

WHEREAS, the leadership, staff, and board of the Harpeth Conservancy work diligently to seek water quality solutions to improve the streams and rivers in our communities, which are vital for the State's economic well-being and quality of life, and they are worthy of our approbation; now, therefore,

I, Cameron Sexton, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the One Hundred Eleventh General Assembly of the State of Tennessee, at the request of and in conjunction with Representative Brandon Ogles and Senator Jack Johnson, do hereby proclaim that we honor and recognize the Harpeth Conservancy on the occasion of its twentieth anniversary and extend our best wishes for much-continued success.

Proclaimed in Nashville, Tennessee, on this the 25th day of September 2019. 

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